Hizmet Studies Review

Hizmet Studies Review (HSR) is a scholarly peer-reviewed international journal on the Hizmet Movement. It provides interdisciplinary forum for critical research and reflection upon the development of Fethullah Gülen’s ideas and Gülen Movement (Hizmet movement).  Its aim is to publish research and analysis that discuss Fethullah Gülen’s ideas, views and intellectual legacy and Hizmet Movement’s wider social, cultural and educational activities. The HSR publishes peer-reviewed articles, review essays and the journal aims to keep readers informed with commentaries, practical notes and reviews of recently published books-articles on Hizmet Movement. We welcome theoretical papers; the case studies and fieldworks; particularly critical thoughts that are neither hagiographic nor prejudiced but are well researched and aim to study the subject matter. We welcome contributions from all disciplines.

HSR welcomes work covering a range of topics, and invites articles, reviews, critiques on Hizmet Movement and Gülen. This includes contributions dealing with but not restricted to:

  • Research on and analysis of Fethullah Gülen’s writings
  • Gülen’s place in Islamic tradition
  • Gülen’s views on a broad topics (education, dialogue, charity, citizenship, politics, science, Sufism)
  • Hizmet movement’s nature and characteristics
  • Comparisons with other religious and philosophical figures and movements
  • Countering violence and terror
  • Muslim integration in the West
  • The role of women in public life and in the movement
  • Charity activities
  • The resolution of social, ethnic, and religious conflict

HSR appears biannually in Fall and Spring.

Submissions are invited in English or in French, with article abstracts in English and French. Submissions in all two languages will be considered.

HSR is edited at the KU Leuven in Belgium at the department of Anthropology, Gülen Chair for Intercultural Studies.


Erkan Toğuşlu, KU Leuven

Johan Leman, KU Leuven

Editorial Board

Khaled Abou El Fadl, UCLA School of Law

Philip Clayton, Claremont School of Theology

Trudy Conway, Mount Saint Mary’s University

John L. Esposito, Georgetown University

Eddie Halpin, Leeds Metropolitan University

Özgür Koca, Claremont Lincoln University

Thomas Michel, Georgetown University

Ides Nicaise, KU Leuven

Simon Robinson, Leeds Metropolitan University

Niyazi Öktem, Fatih University

Ori Soltes, Georgetown University

Pim Walkenberg, The Catholic University of America

Paul Weller, Derby University

John Whyte, University of Regina

İhsan Yılmaz, Fatih University